User Guide

Users & Passwords

User names and passwords are issued with your welcome letter.

Changing my password

To change your password, click on your underlined user name in the top right corner, choose your new password and click save.
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Add more users to my account

Yes, more users can be added to your account. Some accounts have many users but each account will have at least one user who is able to to add more users to the account. Just click the Manage tab, choose Boat users and click the ‘Add new’ button. Select the user group for the new user and complete the form. If you have any issues please do not hesitate to contact your account manager who can add new users to your account for you.
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User permissions

User groups are sets of permissions which allow, or prevent them from using certain features of the system. The standard User Groups are listed here but we can setup custom permissions for any account.


Access to all features


Access to all features


Access to all demo features. Please do not add new users to this category.


– Can’t Add/Delete/Edit users (can change user passwords)


-Can’t View/Add/Delete/Edit users
-Can’t Add/Delete/Edit Certificate folders
– Can’t Add/Delete/Edit Certificates
– Can’t Add/Delete/Edit Task categories
– Can’t Add/Delete/Edit Checklists
– Can’t turn off /Add/Edit/Remove Part Schedules
– Can’t change boat settings

4.Read Only

For users who only need to view information and do not need to add or edit details.