User Guide


You can use checklists to remind you of and to log jobs and actions required on-board such as GMDSS checks. Some vessels use the checklists feature to integrate their Safety Management System checks.

You will be notified when checklists are due.
All your checklists are viewed under the checklists tab where you can easily see how many are due and which checklists are up to date.

Checklists are all saved for future reference and can be viewed for audit purposes and can easily identify tasks regularly not completed or non-conformities.
When viewing completed checklists you can export a PDF at any point to save, email or print.

Create a checklist

Click on the checklists tab. Click the blue ‘create new checklist’ button.
You are given a list of fields to complete: checklist title, start date, choose the frequency from the drop down menu.
Add your checks by completing the to-dos list; you can add new lines by clicking the green ‘add to-do’ button. You can change the order of your tasks by clicking the up and down arrows and remove a task by clicking the X.
Once complete click the blue save button at the bottom of the page.

Complete a checklist

To complete a checklist, click on the title of the one you want to complete or click the ‘view’ icon. You will be shown all checklists due to be completed. Click on a checklist or click the ‘complete’ icon, you are taken to the checklist and can work through each to-do item adding notes and attaching documents. You can then save the checklist or save it as a draft to complete at a later date.

Uncompleted items

Items on a checklist that have not been ticked off as complete need to have a reason added before you can save the checklist.

Attach documents

Click the black document icon and select a document or take a photo. You upload will be saved to the checklist when you save the checklist.

Edit a checklist

To edit a checklist such as changing the frequency or add new to-dos, just click on the pen icon to the right of the checklist.

Delete a checklist

To delete a checklist, click on the trash icon to the right of the checklist and confirm its deletion.

View previous checklists

When a checklist is saved it is archived in the system so you can go back through all off your checklists for audit purposes.

Task view

The task view lists each of the to-dos on a checklist and gives a summary of how many times that to-do item has or hasn’t been done.

Date view

The date view shows you all checklists in date order, to view a saved checklist just click on it or click the ‘view full checklist’ button.

Export a PDF

At any stage you can export a PDF by clicking the ‘Export PDF’ button at the top right of the page. This means you can easily produce lists to analyse any short falls.