User Guide


Inventory is a simple tool to help keep track of stores, spare parts and consumables.  The Inventory section is located under the Parts tab.


Setup new category

Click the Inventory tab, select ‘Manage Categories’ Choose ‘Add Category’

Give the folder an appropriate name such as Mechanical, Electrical etc. You will now be able to load Inventory items in to your chosen categories.

Load default categories

Marine Cloud has a default list of categories which you can use or edit to help organise your Drawings.

Create a new inventory item

Click ‘Create new inventory item’

Name: Give the item a name such as  ‘oil filter’

Description: Add any relevant information that you would like to be included in notifications such as re-order and supplier details.

Category: Select the category in which the item belongs from the drop down menu.

Low quantity: Set the low quantity, this is the level at which a notification will be sent to the users on the system.

Update stock level

To update the stock level go to the Inventory section.

Under the ‘Current level’ column enter the stock holdings for each item and then click save at the bottom of the page. All stock levels will be updated.

View History, Edit and Delete

You are able to view the history, edit and delete each inventory item using the standard buttons to the right of each inventory item.