User Guide

Boat Settings

The boat settings area lets you adjust the usage level of the boat and pause notification emails.

Setting the boat usage level

Click the Manage tab and then choose Boat Settings.
If the usage level of your vessel changes, just select an appropriate setting and click the Save button. This will ensure the amount of notifications and emails from the system are appropriate to the way you are using the boat.

Pausing notification emails

Click the Manage tab and then choose Boat Settings.
During the winter season many vessels are not used at all. Notification emails during this period can become annoying, you can Pause the notification emails and Un-Pause at any time by selecting the Pause or Resume Notifications button and then saving the changes. Please be aware that the planned maintenance system will continue to run, it is just the emails that have been paused. You will receive a monthly reminder to login and check the status of your vessel.