User Guide


The Drawings feature allows users to setup categories and upload vessel drawings for future reference in to a searchable library.


Setup new category

Click the Drawings tab, select ‘Manage Folders’ Choose ‘Add Folder’

Give the folder an appropriate name such as Mechanical, Electrical etc. You will now be able to load Drawings in to your chosen folders.

Load default folders

Marine Cloud has a default list of categories which you can use or edit to help organise your Drawings.

Add new drawing

Click on the Drawings tab, select ‘Add New’

Here you can give the drawing a name e.g. “General Arrangement”

Select the Folder category you would like to store this drawing.

Choose the file using the file selector and click ‘Save’

The drawing will be saved in to your drawings library.

Search for a drawing

Click the Drawings tab. At the top of the page you will find a search box.

Enter the search term, or phrase and click ‘Search’

You will be taken to a list of all the vessels Drawings matching your search  by keyword, here you can view and download.