New, Customer Testimonials

We have recently started to collect testimonials from customers using Marine Cloud on board to manage their Yacht and its maintenance requirements.
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Marine Cloud is now listed on .Capterra is a software reviews site providing independently verified reviews.

Of course, there is a lot more to Marine Cloud than just the industry leading software.
We offer a full setup service; our professional team visits in-service and new build yachts, we complete a full survey compiling all manufacturer, class and flag requirements such as maintenance procedures and certificates, all of which are setup in the Planned Maintenance System for the Yacht. 

Vessel specific operational requirements are also populated such as Checklists for safety items & drills.

This service takes care of a very labour intensive and laborious task allowing crew involved with the build process to focus their attention on the new build. Operational vessels rarely have a spare moment, the planned maintenance system setup service allows the crew to focus on running the vessel whilst we focus on delivering a yacht specific management and planned maintenance system.

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